Every Day in May

May is National Walking Month AND Mental Health Awareness Month.  If you are needing a boost of motivation to get outside and walk more, this is it!
Let’s join together and walk #everydayinmay and enjoy all the amazing benefits!  Studies report that regular walks help people experience more creativity, less depression, lower blood pressure, weight loss, reduced anxiety and so much more!

Exercise doesn’t have to be crazy hard or complicated to provide results. It’s the consistency that makes such a difference!

I love starting each day with an energizing 30 minute walk — it sets up my day with a healthy habit that gives me energy and joy.  Are you a morning person too? Or will lunchtime or evenings work better for you? The goal is to simply get moving every day — even if it’s just for ten minutes. It’ll quickly become a habit that is so rewarding!

So who’s in for this fun walking challenge?  Tag a friend who you want to join with you!

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