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 It’s loaded with tons of great info to help you get started!!! (And it’s free for our team!)

▢️ RESOURCE BOOK: It’s important to have reliable resources for your oil journey. Two favorite books are Modern Essentials ( and The Essential Life (

▢️ APPS: Popular apps include Modern Essentials, doTERRA, doTERRA’s Daily Drop and Essential Emotions.

▢️ GUIDE: Check out the guide that came with your doTERRA starter kit. Lots of great info!

Want some quick recipes to get started with? There are great recipes and ideas in our team e-book and FB group.
 Here are some of our team's favorite recipes. For better printing, we have also included them in the files.

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This private FB group is a great place for questions, discussion and support! Here are a few helpful features:
  • SEARCH: Check out the search feature to help you find previous posts on topics of interest.
  •  PHOTO ALBUMS: We have created albums (in photo section) of remedies and recipes categorized by topics. Great ideas for using essential oils for everyday health, children, food, pets, cleaning and more! (If you are new, check out the “Beginner Basics” album.)

There are a lot of tools you can use to make your oils easy and convenient. You’ll quickly learn how many things you can replace in your home with oils and super simple DIY projects. Here are some tools we find particularly helpful. πŸ’•Don’t feel like you need to get everything right away...I’d suggest starting with just a set of roller balls, carrier oil and maybe a few spray bottles.

Rollers are an absolute must! You can make custom blends, remedies for on the go, and more! Most importantly, they make topical application super easy for yourself and/or your children.
 doTERRA offers amazing rollers - add on to your next order. You can also order roller bottles from: Amazon:  or any of the many oil shops:,
 CARRIER OIL: A carrier oil dilutes your essential oils, making them safer to use on sensitive areas or on children. AND it actually helps your body better absorb and retain the oil. πŸ™Œ Our favorite is doTERRA’s fractionated coconut oil (commonly referred to as “FCO”).
  • ADULTS: 20 - 40 drops of essential oil in a 10ml rollerball topped off with fractionated coconut oil - FCO. (Recommended up to 50% essential oils in 10ml roller. Best to start with less and add more later if necessary.)
  • CHILDREN & BABIES: A good rule of thumb is to use the same # of drops as their age. So a baby roller would be approximately 1-5 drops of essential oils (in a 10ml roller) and top off with FCO. A 5 year old would use 5-10 drops of essential oils and top off with FCO. (My son has always used adult recipes since he was 10 years old - typically around 20 drops essential oils in a 10ml roller.)
 For more information on dilution, check out post 4 or our team e-book:

doTERRA is making essential oils even easier by launching amazing new DIY accessories that you can just add on to your next order...YAY!
▢️ SPRAY BOTTLES: You can use oils to create all-natural room and body sprays, cleaning sprays and easy and fun! doTERRA and Amazon are both great resources.
▢️ RESOURCE BOOK/APPS: It’s important to have reliable resources for your oil journey. Two favorite books are Modern Essentials ( and The Essential Life ( Popular apps include Modern Essentials, doTERRA, doTERRA’s Daily Drop and Essential Emotions.
▢️ VEGGIE CAPSULES: There are so many essential oils you can take internally to benefit your health (check the label). You can drop them under your tongue or in water, but another option is to use a veggie capsule. (Order from doTERRA - only $4 a bottle)
▢️ SAMPLE DRAMS: I don’t go anywhere without my handy oil keychain (holds 8 small drams or mini-rollers). This way I always have my “must have” oils with me while on the go. Plus, this makes sharing essential oils super easy. You might run into someone at the soccer game or store who has an ailment and needs help! (Order from,,

Diffusing essential oils is AMAZING to impact mood, cleanse the air, boost the immune system and support relaxation. Our favorites are doTERRA’s Petal diffuser (4 hours) and the Lumo (10 hours). While you can find inexpensive diffusers on Amazon, etc., make sure you do your research because the quality does matter significantly.

OIL AMOUNT: The amount of oils used in a diffuser will vary depending on the potency of your oils. For example, Lemongrass and Cassia are very strong smelling oils so you can use less. Start with the smaller number of drops and add more if you prefer.

DIFFUSER CARE: Some of us are more like “every couple months" diffuser cleaners 🀣😬, but your diffusers will last longer if you take better care of them!

Want to learn more? Click HERE for a great article on diffuser care.

Labeling your oil creations is important so that you remember what it is! 😁 You can keep it simple or make it fancy...totally up to you! Here are a few simple ideas and links that will hopefully help you!
 A set of lid labels came with your starter kit and you can purchase additional sheets for only 50 cents.
 Avery Weatherproof 5520:
 βž‘️ Not necessarily oil proof - so I'd suggest adding scotch tape to help protect label
 βž‘️ Will need a laser printer or take to Office Max (or another office supply store) to print
 Avery 5260 Labels:
 βž‘️ Not water or oil proof - add scotch tape to help protect label
 Here's a quick tutorial on how to make labels on :
 Super simple and the plastic tape label holds up great with the oils!
 And of course there are TONS of pre-made labels available for purchase! βœ”οΈ
 Popular oil sites include:

Ok, you have your starter set of oils but you are ready to check out more. With a wholesale membership, you can order much or as little as you want...and receive your 25% off retail savings.

Most members order monthly, but it's not a requirement. You can choose the standard one-time order and order whenever you want. But to save the most money and get free products, the Loyalty Rewards Program is amazing! πŸ™Œ

But first, let's show you how to log in to your account. Here is a quick video and there are graphics showing you how as well.



Before you order, definitely read up on the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)'s the best way to save money on your oils!

Why do we LOVE the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) sooooo much? It helps us get the very best oils at the VERY best prices!
 βœ”️ Free to join monthly rewards ordering
 βœ”️ Get free products
 βœ”️ Get shipping reimbursed as points to buy more free product
 βœ”️ Earn points for FREE product! Work your way up to 30% back in rewards! (I get $50 back free every month AND a free oil every month!)

Want FREE product?
When ordering on the Loyalty Rewards Program, your cart will process every month on that date, so you must update your cart or you will get the same products again. (if that happens, no can return your order.)

All you need to do is order at least 1 PV each month to earn the benefits in the LRP program. Pretty great, right?!?! And truly...don't cancel your LRP! If you do, you start back at 10% rewards and lose your points! If you have a month that you don't really need anything, we suggest just ordering something low cost (see graphic for ideas) to keep your points.

How do I get the free Product of the Month?
Each month doTERRA offers a "product of the month." You can receive it FREE by simply placing a Loyalty Rewards order totaling 125 PV or more that processes on or before the 15th of the month!

How to edit cart:

How to edit your LRP:

How to add products to your LRP:

This can be any content you want including images, videos, link, and more.

Great video by Dr. Hill, doTERRA's Chief Medical Officer, with some quick safety tips:

And definitely check out this quick reference guide about ideal amounts of oil. While it varies from person to person, this will help give you some ideas:

The best way to get a localized, longer-lasting effect from applying essential oils topically is to dilute. Click here to learn more:

This can be any content you want including images, videos, link, and more.

Lifelong Vitality is for EVERYTHING!
βœ”οΈ General Wellness & Vitality
βœ”οΈ Antioxidant & DNA Protection
βœ”οΈ Energy Metabolism
βœ”οΈ Bone Health
βœ”οΈ Immune Function
βœ”οΈ Stress Management
βœ”οΈ Cardiovascular Health
βœ”οΈ Healthy Hair, Skin, Nails
βœ”οΈ Eye, Brain, Nervous System
βœ”οΈ Liver Function & Digestive Health
βœ”οΈ Lung & Respiratory Health
βœ”οΈ Gentle on your stomach
βœ”οΈ Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

Take 1 of each for 2 days after breakfast or lunch. Then increase to 2 of each after breakfast or lunch. Over time you can increase to the full dose of 4 of each a day (per the box instructions) and split the dose up to 2 of each after breakfast and 2 of each after lunch or dinner. Take daily. (And prepare to be amazed with how much better you will feel!)

Learn LLV helpful tips with this quick video:

And want to learn how to save money by adding supplements to the Lifelong Vitality Pack?

Last but not least...guess what? doTERRA is so passionate about their LLV that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee on their LLV! So why not give it a try?


doTERRA offers several additional supplements and softgels to provide support for targeted areas. Here are some quick descriptions and directions to help you maximize the benefits:

DEEP BLUE POLYPHENOL COMPLEX: Helps reduce pain and inflammation. Take one AM & PM (not on empty stomach) or as needed. Take daily for chronic pain.

PB ASSIST: Probiotic for optimum good bacteria for your gut. Take daily.

TERRAZYME: Helps you digest food and absorb nutrients better for optimum gut health (super important for anyone with any skin conditions at all). Take daily.

GX ASSIST: Gut cleanser - clears out the bad to make way for the good. (Don't take PB assist at the same time, take this and then add PB assist back in.) Take for no more than ten days. Start very slow with this one - 1 a day for ten days the first time you take it. It's good to take once a quarter. If you have auto-immune, it's good to take for 10 days out of each month. It cleans out your gut...mildly. Always take with food.

ONGUARD SOFTGELS: This is your immunity booster...and they are amazing! β›‘ You can take daily, but I save these for when I need additional immunity boost like travel, when others are sick around me, or at the first sign of feeling run down.

DIGESTZEN SOFTGELS: This is a go-to for digestive anything. Can be taken daily or as needed.

ZENDOCRINE SOFTGELS: For all organ support, healthy cholesterol, healthy thyroid, healthy hormones. Do not take after 3pm - may give you energy. Can be taken daily.

SERENITY SOFTGELS: 1-2 before bed for sleep πŸ’€ or daytime for focus and calming 🧘🏻‍♀️. Can be taken daily.

BEADLETS: Take as many as you like as often as you like. Each beadlet has 1/4 drop oil in it. OnGuard is for immunity and Peppermint is for digestive, fresh breath, energy. So convenient!

TRIEASE - To relieve seasonal discomfort (itchy eyes, sneezing, the works!), take 1 am/pm (up to 3-4 daily) with breakfast and mid-afternoon. Goal is to take LLV and other supplements to improve gut health to where you won't need these daily in the future. (This happened to me! πŸ™Œ)

For more info on the above softgels, visit:

This can be any content you want including images, videos, link, and more.

This can be any content you want including images, videos, link, and more.