Ready to feel more alive?

Until the past few years, I didn’t have the greatest habits. Yes, I did all the healthy “things” but it took EFFORT, because I didn’t have a routine. I hadn’t put into place habits that were easy to follow. But then I decided it was time to make wellness easier. So I started with one habit, then I added another and another. Stacking habits makes all the difference for long term health and wellness. And that’s what we all want, right? To feel alive — full of energy and vitality — now and in the future!   Are you wanting wellness to be easier too?  I might have something perfect for you! We...

Affirmations for Comparision

Admiring someone’s beauty, character or achievements doesn’t take away from your own. Instead, let’s celebrate and be inspired by one another! Let’s fuel each other for even greater magic! I absolutely LOVE this beautiful illustration by @radicalchilddesigns highlighting the power of respecting and celebrating others! Does this speak to you too?

Needing a Change?

Anyone else wanting to make some changes in their life but feeling stuck? Recently I was listening to a podcast, and these powerful yet simple words really caught my attention, ldquo;Things donrsquo;t change if things donrsquo;t change.rdquo;I immediately wrote down those words and see them every day to be reminded of my intention to step forward daily with those changes. Why do we get frustrated when we arenrsquo;t seeing the changes we want when we arenrsquo;t putting forth the effort to make the changes? We might make subtle shifts here and there but sometimes you come to a fork in the road and you finally declarehellip;nope, now is the time. Itrsquo;s time to make the changes. For me, a big hurdle is being m...

Miracle Morning Hack

My #miraclemorning hack! 👊 Anyone else implementing a morning routine? I’m on day 4 of the ✨Miracle Morning✨ challenge and loving it so far. ❤️ But I’ll be honest, there is a part of me that also would love to stay cozy in bed. So I quickly add a few drops of Peppermint 🌿 to the palm of my hand; rub together and inhale. Then I rub the back of my neck. that’s better. We got this! 👊🌈🙌