Hour of Power

Feeling low on energy? Needing a reset button on your day?  Try this formula in the morning to get your day started — or in the afternoon to beat a slump. Or anytime you feel like trying something new!  Do you ever need a reset during your day? What helps you feel reenergized? 

Do the things that make you happy

Love this! I’ve been saying “yes” to more adventures lately and loving it!  I don’t just want to fit in joy when I can — I want it be a priority in my life! Hiking with friends Fostering dogs Paddle boarding  Volunteering for amazing causes Camping  People, movement and purpose bring me great joy! And I’m loving finding ways to enjoy all three! What about you? What do you enjoy doing?.

Now is a good time!

ME: running to do everything that I've been putting off the last week! It’s so easy to put things on the to do list but not actually do them, right?!?  Not today! I’m going with the “now is a good time” and getting them done!  How about you? Anything on your list that would feel soooo good to just get it done?!?

Every Day in May

May is National Walking Month AND Mental Health Awareness Month.  If you are needing a boost of motivation to get outside and walk more, this is it!   Let’s join together and walk #everydayinmay and enjoy all the amazing benefits!  Studies report that regular walks help people experience more creativity, less depression, lower blood pressure, weight loss, reduced anxiety and so much more! Exercise doesn’t have to be crazy hard or complicated to provide results. It’s the consistency that makes such a difference! I love starting each day with an energizing 30 minute walk — it sets up my day with a healthy ha...

Ready to feel more alive?

Until the past few years, I didn’t have the greatest habits. Yes, I did all the healthy “things” but it took EFFORT, because I didn’t have a routine. I hadn’t put into place habits that were easy to follow. But then I decided it was time to make wellness easier. So I started with one habit, then I added another and another. Stacking habits makes all the difference for long term health and wellness. And that’s what we all want,...

Luxurious Bath Salts

Imagine a warm, relaxing soak in your bathtub with the most luxurious of floral oilshellip;Rose, Jasmine and Neroli. Heavenly. 🛀🌹✨Not only do these three oils provide tremendous benefits to the body, skin and mind, they also smell absolutely amazing. And I just LOVE using every last drop of these precious oils. So once I am finished with a bottle of oil (especially those helpful for discomfort or mood support), I will add to a jar of Epsom salts and let sit for a few days. The salt soaks up any last drop of oil and voilahellip;aromatherapy bath salts! 👏 I then will usually give them as gifts and people just love! Donrsquo;t be jealous but this p...