Christmas Tree Spray

LOVE the aroma of Christmas trees? 🌲🌲🌲 Me too! To keep our tree and house smelling amazing during the holidays, we love to use this all natural DIY room spray. Itrsquo;s this easy...ready? Simply add 10-20 drops of Douglas Fir to a 2oz spray bottle. Fill with water. Shake and spray...thatrsquo;s it. Itrsquo;s soooo good! Sometimes I add some grapefruit essential oil too...the combo is perfection! Click HERE to learn more about Douglas Fir? It does a heck of a lot more than just smell good!

10 Easy Ways to Enhance Thanksgiving

Here are 10 easy ways to use your essential oils for a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration! Please share in the comments which you are intending to do...or if you have another idea! ❀️ HOSTESS GIFT: If you are going to someone else’s home for Thanksgiving, do you have a hostess gift ready? What about gifting them a holiday spray you m...

Pumpkin Spice and More!

Fireplaces, pumpkins and colorful leaveshellip;I absolutely LOVE fall. πŸ‚πŸAnd the warm, cozy aromas of fall are just about perfection, am I right? Love being able to create at home ldquo;toxin freerdquo; and try so many different aromas! (BONUS: There are natural antibacterial properties in essential oils that help to cleanse the air and rid our home of germs. Perfect for cold and flu season to help keep your family healthy. πŸ™Œ) Itrsquo;s super easy to make your own room sprayhellip;also makes for a perfect gift. So get out your essential oils and start creating! ❀️ You can get spray bot...

Felt Tree Diffuser

Aren’t these felt trees the cutest?!? ❀️🌲😍 My friend Stephanie (@sdubinthenw on Instagram) makes them (along with AMAZING oil holders and soooo much more!) and I’m obsessed! AND you can use them as lil’ diffusers too...simply add a few drops of your favorite holiday oil blend on the felt or the wood and enjoy the beautiful, festive aroma (without all the toxic chemicals in typical room sprays or plug-ins 😬🀭😷). If you have an artificial tree, you can create the tree aroma magic by simply using Siberian Fir or Douglas Fir. So fun, right? What is your favorite oil β€œhack” in the holidays?

Fun Gift Ideas

✨30 GIFTS UNDER $30✨ From neighbors and friends to teachers and bus drivers, there are so many people in our lives we want to honor and celebrate, right? ❀️🎁🌲 Here are some of my very favorite gifts for under $30! Anyone else obsessed with shopping online and having things delivered right to your door?!?! 😍 If you donrsquo;t have an account with doTERRA yet, Irsquo;d be happy to hook you up! 😘