Recipes for Salsa & Margaritas!

So many ways to use essential oils to enhance your drinks and food...including those for Cinco de Mayo! YUM! Here are a few recipes to check out...which one are you excited to try? And for more ideas, check out doTERRA's blog: LIME CHICKEN TACOS: CILANTRO LIME GUACAMOLE: PINEAPPLE NECTARINE SALSA: CUMIN RAINBOW SALSA:

30 Gifts Under $30

Mother's Day (Sunday, May 10th) is an opportunity to celebrate all the women in our lives who offer love, compassion, kindness and wisdom. Maybe they are your favorite neighbor or teacher, your aunt, grandmother, stepmother, or a special friend. We all have people in our lives who have ldquo;motheredrdquo; us in some way...let's show them some extra love and support this Mother's Day.❤️ Here are 30 great gifts under $30! So many ways to honor and celebrate all the special women in your life! ❤️❤️❤️ What is YOUR favorite?

Teamwork Wins Championships

Love this quote! It's so true about teamwork, right? I have seen it firsthand in my business. ❤️ While I love being independent and fast charging, it's even more fun to work alongside amazing business partners. We are better together with our shared strengths and gifts! 👏👏👏 And this proved true big time in April when we experienced our biggest month ever for our wellness community...mind blowing! All in the midst of a crazy time in our world...I'm still blown away and feeling so blessed. 😍So many people right now eager to find solutions to help their families be stronger, healthier and happ...

Sleep Must Haves

Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? 😬 A lot of people are right many emotions and changes happening in our lives. This duo has helped me A LOT. Definite must haves for me...especially right now. 🙏🏻 I’ve been recommending to my friends, and now they’re all loving this duo too! The...

More energy, less brain fog

People typically ask me about essential oils, but I often recommend they start with this powerful foundation for health. 👊 I get it, they aren’t as fun and sexy as essential oils…but actually you’ll FEEL more fun and sexy (if that’s a goal 😉) because you’ll have more life and vitality! 🙌 ✅ Better energy ✅ Better health ✅ Better sleep ✅ Less stress ✅ Less discomfort This is how to truly transform your health. Lay the foundation with as much good stuff as possible…and that includes quality supplements. And friends, these supplements are NOT what you find on the grocery store shelf. These are bioavailable, which means you...

Leaning into Gratitude and Joy

One of my all time favorite quotes. ❤️ So powerful and especially relevant to these challenging times. There are going to be incredibly difficult moments, days, weeks for each of us. And while we are all experiencing this together, we are all impacted so differently based on our jobs, families, finances and health. Let’s love and support each other through this crazy storm. Let’s find opportunities to celebrate the blessings and “dance in the rain.” 🌈For me, I’m focusing on everyday joys and keeping an ongoing list of little victories and moments of celebration. ✨✨✨ My son independently signed for me to “go fast” while we were on a walk yesterday…that was HUGE for us....

Need a hand sanitizer?

Need a hand sanitizer? Hand sanitizers have sold out nearly everywhere...including doTERRA! But no worries...with just a few ingredients, you can make your own at home. Here is a popular recipe featuring On Guard : 15-20 drops On Guard essential oil 2 tsp fractionated coconut oil Filtered or distilled water (If you prefer a hand spray with alcohol, simply replace the water with alcohol.) Combine in a 30ml spray bottle (available from doTERRA - or reuse a sanitizing mist bottle) or a 2oz spray bottle. Use when handwashing is not available. Spr...

Change your

Isn’t it amazing how powerful a simple quote can be? One sentence can shift a mindset and change your day. ✨✨✨ One of my favorite quotes is this one – “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” What a great reminder that every day we have the opportunity to make a choice for a better tomorrow! 🙌 Simple yet so powerful.👉So tell me friends…what will YOU do today that your future self with thank you for? Will you exercise…make a healthier meal choice…go to bed earlier? Or perhaps something bigger like taking a step towards a new career? Or if connection is what you are seeking, what abo...

Sunday Funday

SUNDAY FUNDAY🌟🌈❤️ Absolutely love Sundays...especially when we have a long weekend, it’s like a bonus Saturday! 🙌 To kickstart our day, we are diffusing Wild Orange and Cardamom (3 drops each)...soooo good! 😍The aroma not only smells amazing but it helps uplift your mood and opens your airways! (Have you read the research on how QUICKLY an aroma can impact your simple yet powerful!) So tell me friends...what’s in your diffuser today?

"I get to"

How many times a day do you find yourself saying ldquo;I have tohellip;rdquo;? 🤔 It doesnrsquo;t feel great, right? Itrsquo;s as though someone else is directing your life instead of you. 😬What if we changed our words to ldquo;I get tohellip;rdquo;? It might se...

Life Changing Daily Habits

More energy. Vitality. Better health. Less stress. Less discomfort. Sooo many benefits from these everyday goodies. ❤️❤️❤️ Forever grateful that I started with these health habits! Message me if you are interested in getting some of these benefits in your life!

Benefits of a Cleanse

Have you done a cleanse before? I am way overdue...BUT that's going to change next week! I am hosting an online 30 Day Cleanse Restore challenge and YOU are invited to join! This program is designed to support the body’s natural detoxification process so that you can feel better inside and out! BENEFITS OF CLEANSING ✨Naturally boosts energy levels ✨Rids body of excess waste ✨Supports healthy weigh...

Christmas Tree Spray

LOVE the aroma of Christmas trees? 🌲🌲🌲 Me too! To keep our tree and house smelling amazing during the holidays, we love to use this all natural DIY room spray. Itrsquo;s this easy...ready? Simply add 10-20 drops of Douglas Fir to a 2oz spray bottle. Fill with water. Shake and spray...thatrsquo;s it. Itrsquo;s soooo good! Sometimes I add some grapefruit essential oil too...the combo is perfection! Click HERE to learn more about Douglas Fir? It does a heck of a lot more than just smell good!

10 Year Comparison

Everyone’s doing 10 year comparisons (very fun I must admit!), so I figured why not join in?!? But forget about what I look like on the outside...take a peek at what is going on from the inside out👇🏽 that’s a better measurement 😉 From that synthetic pharmacy life to that toxic-free plant medicine life—much better! 🙌

DIY Holiday Joy Room Spray

Love enhancing our weekends with the beautiful aroma of the holidays! ❤️🌲✨ You can diffuse this Holiday Joy blend or create your own room spray. This one is an oil bottle that I upcycled...easy peasy! Just add water and a spray top to a nearly empty bottle (I just leave 5-10 drops)...and now it’s repurposed as a cute “on the go” spray. Love it! Great gift for yourself or a friend! ❤️ 👉 And if you haven’t used Holiday Joy yet, you must! It’s soooooo good! Not only does it smell amazing but it also uplifts your mood AND boosts your immunity. WIN WIN! 🙌

Fun Gift Idea

I’m a wee bit obsessed with these healthy drops…they help so much this time of year! ❤️ I’m thinking my friends will love them too. So I’m putting together some fun mason jars filled with my three favorites: ⛑ On Guard Throat drops:  My absolute fav! Not only do they taste YUMMY, but they are the absolute #1 remedy when my throat isn't feeling great. These also support a healthy immune system -- yes please! 💨 Breathe Respiratory drops : These help to open your airways. I love having one of these on the way to a workout or when I'm feeling a little under the weather. 🤢 Ginger Digestive drops : Who doesn’t need a little help with digestion during the holidays? These also help little ones (or pregnant mom...

10 Easy Ways to Enhance Thanksgiving

Here are 10 easy ways to use your essential oils for a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration! Please share in the comments which you are intending to do...or if you have another idea! ❤️ HOSTESS GIFT: If you are going to someone else’s home for Thanksgiving, do you have a hostess gift ready? What about gifting them a holiday spray you made with your oils? There are such festive scents that everyone is sure to enjoy. (And they will be super impressed that you made it AND that it’s all natural!) RECIPES: There are countless ways to add extra flavor and benefits with essential oils. Orange Cranberry Chutney (Wild Orange), Sweet Potato Casserole...

Thanksgiving MUST HAVE!

🖐STOP...hold up friend. This is your friendly public service announcement…do NOT head to your Thanksgiving dinner without DigestZen. It’ll be your bestie, trust me!Often at holiday meals, we are eating more than usual and trying different kinds of foods (and perhaps enjoying adult beverages 😉). So much fun, but it can often r...

Needing a Change?

Anyone else wanting to make some changes in their life but feeling stuck? Recently I was listening to a podcast, and these powerful yet simple words really caught my attention, ldquo;Things donrsquo;t change if things donrsquo;t change.rdquo;I immediately wrote down those words and see them every day to be remin...

Diffuser Blends for Children

I love how simple and powerful essential oils can be for our health and mood. If your children (or you) are needing help with focus, mood or sleep, here are some great diffuser blends to try! 👉Do you have a favorite diffuser blend for your children? Please share! ❤️