Hour of Power

Feeling low on energy? Needing a reset button on your day?  Try this formula in the morning to get your day started — or in the afternoon to beat a slump. Or anytime you feel like trying something new!  Do you ever need a reset during your day? What helps you feel reenergized? 

Do the things that make you happy

Love this! I’ve been saying “yes” to more adventures lately and loving it!  I don’t just want to fit in joy when I can — I want it be a priority in my life! Hiking with friends Fostering dogs Paddle boarding  Volunteering for amazing causes Camping  People, movement and purpose bring me great joy! And I’m loving finding ways to enjoy all three! What about you? What do you enjoy doing?.

Now is a good time!

ME: running to do everything that I've been putting off the last week! It’s so easy to put things on the to do list but not actually do them, right?!?  Not today! I’m going with the “now is a good time” and getting them done!  How about you? Anything on your list that would feel soooo good to just get it done?!?

Feeling hot?

Is it hot where you are? A heat wave is coming to the Pacific Northwest, and it’s going to be  🔥 🔥 🔥 ! We will be using lots of this “liquid AC” spray and making a few extras for our neighbors too. It helps soooo much! It’s super simple! Just add about 20-30 drops of Peppermint to a 2oz spray bottle. Fill with water. Shake and spray on face and body.  For added cooling relief, store in the refrigerator...it feels AMAZING! Have you tried this before?

Summer Must Haves!

These two rollers make summer life soooo much better! And they are so simple and easy to use!  Itchy bug bites? Sunburn?  Low energy? Sweaty and hot? Need to relax? We used these rollers each and every day on our recent vacation AND they saved me a trip to the doctor for a painful ear issue too.   What is YOUR biggest issue in summertime? I’d love to help you find a great remedy!

Sneezing Relief

Itchy, watery eyes?  Runny nose?  Irritated throat?  NOT FUN...I totally get it. I used to get shots regularly to deal with this. Fortunately I was introduced to this magical trio — Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint —TOTAL GAME CHANGER! No longer deal with all the craziness of seasonal threats. Such a relief!!!  You can add 2-3 drops each in your diffuser or make a roller bottle blend of 10 drops each. And you can even take this trio internally! Just add a drop of each to a shot glass of water and swish around your mouth for 20 seconds and swallow. Save this post so you know what to do next time! And tag a friend who struggles — you won’t have to se...

Every Day in May

May is National Walking Month AND Mental Health Awareness Month.  If you are needing a boost of motivation to get outside and walk more, this is it!   Let’s join together and walk #everydayinmay and enjoy all the amazing benefits!  Studies report that regular walks help people experience more creativity, less depression, lower blood pressure, weight loss, reduced anxiety and so much more! Exercise doesn’t have to be cr...

Diffuse the Rainbow!

Love your house to smell amazing but wanting to reduce the toxins and artificial fragrances? This new collection is for you! I used to love candles, room sprays and plug-ins BUT then I started researching about the impact of the toxins on my hormones.  Oh crap! What the heck?!? These toxins disrupt our hormones which causes havoc with our brain clarity, energy, sl...

Ready to feel more alive?

Until the past few years, I didn’t have the greatest habits. Yes, I did all the healthy “things” but it took EFFORT, because I didn’t have a routine. I hadn’t put into place habits that were easy to follow. But then I decided it was time to make wellness easier. So I started with one habit, then I added another and another. Stacking habits makes all the difference for long term health and wellness. And that’s what we all want, right? To feel alive — full of energy and vitality — now and in the future!   Are you wanting wellness to be easier too?  I might have something perfect for you! We have a 21 Day Challenge all about habits — drinking more water, getting daily movement, enjoying more restorative sleep, feelin...

Affirmations for Comparision

Admiring someone’s beauty, character or achievements doesn’t take away from your own. Instead, let’s celebrate and be inspired by one another! Let’s fuel each other for even greater magic! I absolutely LOVE this beautiful illustration by @radicalchilddesigns highlighting the power of respecting and celebrating others! Does this speak to you too?

Go to sleep please!

Hey mommas …do you ever find yourself standing outside your kiddo’s door and begging them silently to go to sleep?  Yep, that was me last night. My son has been experiencing “night parties” lately, and we aren’t sure why.  What is a night party you might ask? Not as fun as it sounds! It’s fairly common with his genetic disorder, and it’s basically an inability to regulate sleep cycles and so they get a ...

Half your body weight

DRINK UP!!! Yep, I want you to go to the kitchen right now, pour yourself a glass of water and drink up! It's one of the easiest habits for our health, and yet it often gets overlooked, right? Did you know that common symptoms of dehydration include constipation, headaches, overeating, muscle/joint pain and lack of energy? Do any of these sound familiar? I recommend drinking approximately half of your body weight (in ounces) o...

Ditch the resolutions

Anyone else ditching resolutions this year? I used to love declaring resolutions but let’s be real, they rarely lasted. In recent years, I have found establishing daily habits are much more effective for me, and it’s been so empowering! I made awesome progress this last year in my sleep and exercise routine...all because of small daily habits. And this year I am setting habits — one month at a time — to explore different approaches and what helps me feel most purposeful in reaching my goals. Two of my favorites are in areas I am really wanting to uplevel: purposeful thought and purposeful nutrition. 5 minutes of daily meditation (I tried meditation before and it never lasted. Fe...

Wearing Masks?

Wearing a mask isn’t fun, we can all agree to that.  But here’s a quick tip to make it better. Whip up these easy sprays with just water and essential oils and use them on your mask as needed. Helps so much!   BREATHE EASY:  Do you feel hot and stuffy with a mask on? This little spray is like an air conditioner for your mask. Crazy good! RELAX: Feeling anxious wearing a mask and not being able to socially connect with a smile? That’s hard for me too! This spray provides a wonderful calming aroma. ENERGY: All of this chaos in the world can be a little tiring, right? This spray helps pep you up and create an energizing environment for you! Which of these would help you the most?

Easy Wellness Gift

I’m a wee bit obsessed with these healthy drops…they help so much this time of year! I’m thinking my friends and my son’s teachers will love them too. So I’m putting together some fun mason jars filled with my three favorites: On Guard Throat Drops: My absolute fav! Not only do they taste YUMMY, but they are the absolute #1 remedy for a sore throat. Breathe Respiratory Drops: These help to open your airways…great if you are feeling congested or just needing a little extra support. I lov...

Feeling congested?

Hold up , stop scrolling...you want this remedy in your toolbox. (Save this post or take a screenshot...it’s a game changer, trust me!) This steamer will help open up your airways and clear out the junk. I used to deal with chronic sinus issues and would often be on antibiotics ...but now as soon as I feel anything coming on, I use this remedy a few times and am good to go! Such a game changer!!!  WHY does this work so well? →Melaleuca breaks down the biofilm, a slimy substance that coats bacteria and disables prescription antibiotics from helping. →Oregano works hand in hand with Melaleuca, attacking the resident virus and killing it once Melaleuca has done its job of breaking through the biofilm. →Lemon is purifying. →Peppermint...

Calm Down Spray

Anyone have some craziness in their days?!?  You’re going to want to whip up this magical combo!   Just add 15 drops each — Adaptiv and Serenity (two of my favorite blends for calming) — to a spray bottle and top with distilled water or witch hazel. (If you’re using a smaller bottle, just use less oils.) Shake, spray and enjoy that calming aroma. Notice your body and brain start to unwind. So good, right?! Let me know if you make this! 

Immunity Must Haves

Every day MUST HAVES for supporting our immune system!   *On Guard Touch (prediluted and perfect to use on kids)   *On Guard Oil (put 4-6 drops in your diffuser daily to cleanse the air)   *On Guard Hand Wash (love getting this immunity support every time we wash our hands)   *On Guard Hand Sanitizer (kills 99.9% of germs…enough said, right?) Ready to uplevel your wellness and support your immunity? If you don’t have a doTERRA account yet, message me...I’d love to help you. It’ll take just a few minutes and you’ll be set!  Have you tried any of these yet...do you have a FAVO...

Movement to Start the Day

Today is going to be a busy day....and movement always helps me show up better. ❤️ Anyone else? Started with a walk in the rain (love summer rain showers!) and a great podcast...followed by some time on the mat for movement and reflection.First up is school work with my boy (typically goes well...but definitely requires patience and my #bestself 🤪) Later this morning Irsquo;m attending an anti-racist training, which Irsquo;m sure will be powerful and inspiring AND also difficult. Unpacking and unlearning our education and culture isnrsquo;t easy...but so very needed and long overdue. Incredibly grateful for all the Black leaders who are sharing their tim...

Stressed and anxious?

So many people are struggling right now with feeling anxious and overwhelmed...sound familiar? I honestly cannot imagine going through all of this chaos without my calming essential oils...but in particular this trio. It’s helping hundreds of people, including me 🙋🏻‍♀️, in my wellness community! Here are just a few powerful testimonials: ✔️”I have been diffusing the oil blend at homework ti...