Sneezing Relief

Itchy, watery eyes?  Runny nose?  Irritated throat?  NOT FUN...I totally get it. I used to get shots regularly to deal with this.

Fortunately I was introduced to this magical trio — Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint —TOTAL GAME CHANGER! No longer deal with all the craziness of seasonal threats. Such a relief!!! 
You can add 2-3 drops each in your diffuser or make a roller bottle blend of 10 drops each. And you can even take this trio internally! Just add a drop of each to a shot glass of water and swish around your mouth for 20 seconds and swallow.

Save this post so you know what to do next time! And tag a friend who struggles — you won’t have to see her miserable anymore and she’ll be forever grateful!
And if you don’t have doTERRA yet, no worries! I can help you get this trio and some awesome freebies too! Looking forward to helping you! 

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