Diffuse the Rainbow!

Love your house to smell amazing but wanting to reduce the toxins and artificial fragrances? This new collection is for you! I used to love candles, room sprays and plug-ins BUT then I started researching about the impact of the toxins on my hormones.  Oh crap! What the heck?!? These toxins disrupt our hormones which causes havoc with our brain clarity, energy, sleep, mood, weight. No thanks! A much better option (and seriously so easy and fun!) is to switch to diffusing essential oils for that good vibe in your home. (And your hormones will thank you too!)

Check out all this goodness!
Laluz Diffuser: A gorgeous one-of-a-kind ultrasonic diffuser diffuses for eight hours and has three ambient light settings.
Peppermint: An energizing aroma to start your day or for a mid-day pick me up!  
Balance: You know those moments when you just need to chill out? Yep, this is my go to!
Breathe: Perfect at night to keep your airways open (and less noisy ) or during the day if feeling congested.  
Wild Orange: Sunshine in a bottle!  
On Guard: Supports your immunity, cleans the air and smells like a warm holiday hug in a bottle!  
Citrus Bloom: The most perfect blend of citrus and florals together – Springtime in a bottle!  
Serenity: If better sleep is on your wish list, this is for you! Diffuse by your bed and off to sleep you go!
Cheer: An uplifting & cheerful aroma that helps when you’re feeling down.
Adaptiv: Helps you calm and focus and smells amazing too!
Northern Escape: Imagine a walk in the woods and bring that fresh, grounding aroma into your home.

Seriously, this is such an amazing collection of some of doTERRA’s best smelling essential oils. The only hard part will be deciding what you diffuse first! Message me if you want to check this out. I have a few awesome welcome bundles ready to go and I’d love one to be for you!So tell me...which of these oils would YOU diffuse first?  (Tough choice, right?!?)

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