Go to sleep please!

Hey mommas …do you ever find yourself standing outside your kiddo’s door and begging them silently to go to sleep? 

Yep, that was me last night. My son has been experiencing “night parties” lately, and we aren’t sure why.  What is a night party you might ask? Not as fun as it sounds!

It’s fairly common with his genetic disorder, and it’s basically an inability to regulate sleep cycles and so they get a little wild at night. Max had them a lot when he was younger and it was brutal. (I sooooo wish we had known about essential oils then!)

I haven’t been using oils with him at night lately, because I’m trying to understand what is happening and how he self regulates. But last night I really, really wanted a good night sleep, and he was definitely needing to calm down. So I added a drop of Vetiver to his big toe and also on his heart. Within five minutes, he was sleeping. It was amazing! 

Vetiver is a hero! We both enjoyed a much needed restorative night of sleep and ready to take on the day!

If you have a kiddo who struggles with calming down, this might be a great oil for you to try! 

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