Ditch the resolutions

Anyone else ditching resolutions this year?

I used to love declaring resolutions but let’s be real, they rarely lasted. In recent years, I have found establishing daily habits are much more effective for me, and it’s been so empowering! I made awesome progress this last year in my sleep and exercise routine...all because of small daily habits.

And this year I am setting habits — one month at a time — to explore different approaches and what helps me feel most purposeful in reaching my goals.

Two of my favorites are in areas I am really wanting to uplevel: purposeful thought and purposeful nutrition.
  • 5 minutes of daily meditation (I tried meditation before and it never lasted. Feeling very optimistic this time as five minutes seems very doable...already loving it at bedtime!) 
  • 3 servings of veggies daily (Some days we eat tons of veggies; other days not so much. So I’m wanting to add in more daily goodness.)
And then I have a new habit each for movement, work and finances. Again, small, attainable but very purposeful steps in the right direction. Each month I will set new goals in the different categories. Excited about this approach!
Is there a new habit you're excited to add into your life? Please share and let’s inspire each other to enjoy an amazing 2021!!!

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