Easy Wellness Gift

I’m a wee bit obsessed with these healthy drops…they help so much this time of year! I’m thinking my friends and my son’s teachers will love them too. So I’m putting together some fun mason jars filled with my three favorites:
On Guard Throat Drops: My absolute fav! Not only do they taste YUMMY, but they are the absolute #1 remedy for a sore throat.
Breathe Respiratory Drops: These help to open your airways…great if you are feeling congested or just needing a little extra support. I love popping in one as I head out for a walk or run!
Ginger Digestive Drops: Who doesn’t need a little help with digestion during the holidays? These also help little ones (or pregnant mommas) so much with any kind of tummy trouble or nausea.
Anyone else gifting wellness this year?

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