Toxin Free Cleaning Challenge

Have you checked out the ingredients in your cleaners? 😬🤮😷 Most of the household cleaners on the market today have potentially dangerous chemicals. 🚫Studies are showing the negative impact on the environment and our health — including respiratory issues, brain damage, cellular damage, hormone disruption and more.We can do better! Let’s replace those toxin cleansers with a few simple ingredients and essential oils! ðŸ‹ðŸ’¦ðŸŒ¿ Safe, natural and inexpensive!

To help everyone learn how easy and rewarding this can be, we launched a two-week “Toxin-Free Cleaning Challenge” in our oil community. Because hey, friends don’t let friends clean with toxins, right?!?!

People are ditching their toxins, having friends over for cleaner-making play dates, and earning fun prizes! Loving this positive momentum as we clean up our homes, our bodies and the environment! ðŸ™Œâ¤ï¸â™»ï¸

If you’re in our oil family, make sure you have the deets so you can join along in the fun. If you’ve not yet started with oils but ready for a happier and healthier life, message me and let’s get you going. âœŒï¸We have a special gift ðŸŽ for anyone getting started with our cleaning challenge!

Stay tuned for come easy peasy recipes!

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