Loving the new products!!!

You guys...OH MY GOODNESS!!! 😍😮🤩 I am so loving all the new products that I had to purchase another kit! (And plus, I love a good savings…and the kit is over $100 off right now!).💆🏻‍♀️Adaptiv System: game changer for anxiety and stress (you should read the!!!)
💊Turmeric dual-action capsules: powerful new product for cellular integrity, pain and inflammation
🍃Peppermint softgels: major relief for digestion issues (special coating to help them get to your lower intestines for greater relief!)
👦🏼Tamer: for kiddos and their tummies! (and it seriously smells soooo yummy ❤️)
🤢Celery Seed: digestion, cooking and metabolism
🍋Citronella: insect repellent AND hair detangler and moisturizer!
🦟Lemon Eucalyptus: more effective than Deet on mosquitos (AND makes the best poopourri spray ever...AND helps with candida!)
🌲Black Spruce: wonderful woodsy oil for calming, skin and healthy pregnancy!
💕Yarrow Pom Cellular Beauty Complex and Body Serum*: gorgeous skin from the inside out! (*only available in the kit- otherwise you’ll have to wait until 2020!)
Which product are you MOST excited about?!?

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