Essential oils offer tremendous support for the wide variety of emotions we experience every day. Stress, sadness, anxiety, apathy, overwhelm.....fairly common in today's hectic world. Whether I am needing to calm my mind, reduce stress or increase my energy, I have been able to turn to essential oils for immediate support and I am forever grateful. 

Depending on how I feel on a particular day, here are some of my favorites:

TIP: My favorite mood oils are ALWAYS with me...because guess what? Stress, temper tantrums, low energy and more don't just happen at home, right? They happen when you are out and about so it's best to be prepared! I'd love to give you some tips on how to keep your absolute musts with you too. 

Want to learn more about how this all works?
Check out this educational video on emotional aromatherapy.

Another awesome resource to learn about mood and emotional health would be this webinar:
Empowered Life Series: Mood and Emotional Health 

less stress
less anxious feelings
more joy and positivity
more energy
more peace