Mother's Day Gift Idea

Mother's Day is just a few weeks are you going to celebrate the special women in your life? OR perhaps you need a little spoiling yourself? ❤️❤️❤️ Check out this amazing starter set...8 "must have" oils (energy, sleep, pain relief, focus and more!), diffuser, coconut oil and resource book! A gift of happier and healthier living...PERFECT! 👏 Message me or click here to get started!

Need some motivation?

Love these two bottles of oil magic! ❤️☀️😍 Just roll on your wrists, inhale the beautiful aromas and let the science and beauty of oils impact your simple yet powerful! 👊Here’s to having an AWESOME day filled with cheer and motivation!!!

Brain Health

Last week I taught a class about natural tools to help children with brain health and mood support...and I thought I'd share a few highlights this week. .As we know, many children (especially those with special needs) struggle with executive function and em...

Childrenamp;quot;s Supplements

For our children to really thrive, it is important they have proper nutrition. But as many of us know, children (especially those with special needs) often refuse to eat a variety of healthy foods. Since their bodies may lack the proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed for good health, it is crucial you supplement with a high quality multi-vitamin. 👉W...