Clean and Healthy Mouth

Did you know February is National Children's Dental Health Month? Great opportunity to review your family's dental routine and see if you are doing all you can to ensure clean and healthy mouths! Here is a link to a great article: A Guide to a Clean and Healthy Mouth. " Lots of helpful tips and ideas to maximize your oral health! What part of your routine are you excelling and what could use some improving?

Gorgeous Purefume Blend

Want my favorite romantic perfume blend? 🌹 Just add 15 drops of doTERRA's Passion blend and 10 drops of doTERRA's Whisper blend to a 10ml roller bottle and top with fractionated coconut oil. 💕 Whisper is one of my all-time favorite's a blend of the most luxurious rare oils that work together so perfectly. A friend recently explained it so perfectly...she said that whenever she puts it on, she feels more love FOR HERSELF. 😍😍😍 How wonderful is that? Romance is great...but self-love is the most important, right friends? Try it and let me know what you think! And if you want to try these, message me...I'd love to help you get these beauties. ✌️

My Favorite Subscription Box

Anyone else LOVING subscription boxes 📦?!? Irsquo;m kinda obsessed with finding ways to simplify my life and get things off my to do list that I just donrsquo;t enjoy running errands and shopping! 🤯 While I currently get a few subscription boxes from different companies, my favorite is my doTERRA Wellness box. Here's why! 1️⃣ CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU - pick and choose what I need for the month. With other subscription boxes, the items are chosen for you and you end up with products you don't like...

Spritzer for the Bedroom

When you wanna quickly switch up the mood in a room, this essential oil spritzer is the way to go! Love how easy it is to use and you get one long spray instead of little bursts. 💦 Itrsquo;s the best! It comes with a purple covering but for the bedroom, I thought having a ldquo;nakedrdquo; versi...

Superbowl Support

Watching the Super Bowl today? 🏈🏈🏈 Honestly Irsquo;m not a football watching girl 🤷🏻zwj;♀️...BUT I sure love the yummy food and entertaining halftime shows! 🤣 Here are a few remedies to help you today and really just about any day! Just add the oils to a 10ml roller bottle and then fill with a fractionated coconut oil. To apply, roll on wrists, behind ears and base of skull. Easy peasy! 🤬 FLAG ON THE PLAY Bad day? Bad ref? Calm down and donrsquo;t break the TV! 8 drops doTERRArsquo;s Balance blend 8 drops doTERRArsquo;s Serenity blend 8 drops Vetiver (Balance is a go to for me when feeling stressedhellip;and Serenity is i...

Pizza, Salad and Oils

Artichoke pesto and burrata pizza with lemony arugula ❤️ Last week we made this delicious pizza from @halfbakedharvest and tonight I wanted to recreate that magical meal. ✨✨✨ But as I started putting it together, I realized I forgot to pick up fresh basil and lemon rind. Oops! 🤦🏻zwj;♀️But no worrieshellip;I simply substituted essentials oils and it turned out fabulous. Oils for the win! 🍋🌱❤️🙌 And seriously, you gotta check out @halfbakedharvest 🥰 Her recipes are delicious and her photos are crazy beautiful! Anyone else love pizza with salad on top?!?! 🙌